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Kerri Koala lives in Australia and has been actively involved in injustices within the American Penal System for around 25 years, particularly those who are lost and marginalised.

Kerri has known Ricky for the majority of the 17 years that he has served so far and is also in constant contact with Ricky's devoted mother.

Kerri Koala has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Criminology and Justice Law, is finalising a Masters Degree in Cyber Security and currently works in Local Government Law Enforcement.

Kerri would love to hear from you, any constructive comments, feedback, legal assistance or guidance that may help Ricky would be greatly appreciated.

Help make a difference.

Thank you.


Hi! I'm Kerri Koala.

You might be wondering why I care, and, more importantly, why I want YOU to care . . 

I have known Ricky for the majority of his 17 year incarceration.

Ricky is a very articulate and incredibly intelligent young man.
During his time in prison, Ricky has strived to better himself.  His personal growth, emotional maturity and compassion for others often puts me to shame and humbles me.
Ricky has achieved 6 Associate Degrees with straight A grades. Not only that, but he works tirelessly tutoring his fellow inmates, assisting them in progressing through their GEDs.
In addition to this, Ricky has been a constant positive light to all of those around him over the years. He has provided immense support during the ups and downs of my personal life, even though his own personal circumstances are much more devastating than I could possibly imagine. He even helped my son with Math equations when he was at school!
Ricky has been sentenced to 47 YEARS for a non-violent, drug related FIRST offence . . how is this allowed to happen?

You might be wondering why I care, and, more importantly, why I want YOU to care.
I care because this is an injustice and a waste of a brilliant young man who has so much to offer.
You should care because this is happening and it is real. Hundreds and thousands of people's lives are being wasted and destroyed.
While we throw away the key, turn a blind eye and do nothing, the life of a man with immense potential, who has long since repaid his debt, is wasting away in jail as he endures a punishment out of all proportion to his crime.

This attitude is not sustainable and it is not fair.
If this was your son, brother, father, cousin . . how would you feel?
Please DO NOT leave without subscribing. One day, maybe a year from now . . you may have an idea, or a lead, or a connection that just might make all the difference.

I want to help Ricky, because as a fellow human being, it is the right thing to do.
We forget how powerful we can be.

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