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Prison Crisis - Covid-19

Prison Crisis - Covid-19

Hi Guys . .  It has been a while . .  but here is the latest on Ricky as I know it . .  It's tough - there is no denying that.  Ricky was, for a few months, under 22hr lockdown, allowing a mere 2 hours (along with everyone else) to get his daily tasks done.  But now . . . Now . .  they are under 24 HOUR LOCKDOWN. No one knows how long this is going to last, but it has been a few weeks already. Quite frankly - it's disgusting. From my associates, I saw inmate information from Maryland advising that to prevent the spread, inmates sharing cells should sleep head to toe - What the . . ? What about distancing, masks, sanitation? The disregard that is happening inside U.S prisons currently is nothing short of despicable cruelty.  We love Ricky dearly, but let's not also forget that the 2.3 MILLION current prisoners are brothers, wives, sons, sisters, mothers, husbands, daughters, fathers . . they are serving their time.  Having no protection, no sanitiser, masks or gloves, having to wash their cells with their own weak shampoo, talk and breathe through socks . . what sort of civilisation are WE to allow this? Official BOP reports indicate that there are 12 cases in Ricky's Prison (7 inmates, 5 staff) - which is concerning . . but are these the REAL figures? Here' what the Marshall Project reports :

Now, more than ever, Ricky needs support and to hear encouraging words from his friends and supporters.   If you can spare 5 mins from your day to drop Ricky a line / letter . . please, please do.

Please see Ricky's website for his mailing address.

Alternatively, I am happy to forward messages on your behalf

Thank you


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